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MY PAINT PROCESS: There are many steps to my process that are not mentioned below for sake of brevity. I do not do production work, but prefer to take the slow food approach, much like making a pie from scratch rather than buying canned filling and a pre-fab crust. There's nothing wrong with  getting things done quickly sometimes, but I find that it's much more satisfying to take some time to think it through, enjoy the ritual, and put some heart into it.


DETAILS:  Each frame is garnet blasted in my cabinet, cleaned, and then primed. Once dry, the primer is hand sanded. I then fix any imperfections, and, just before applying an epoxy sealer, the primer is stripped from all contact points to prevent thick film build where components will be attached. I then begin with the color coat(s). All graphics are applied underneath the clearcoat, then it is sanded again and re-cleared for a totally smooth topcoat. I also tap the water bottle mount threads, strip or pre-mask the seat tube/ test fit a seatpost, strip the headtube faces in preparation for headset installation, and ensure that all masking is completely removed ( especially important with stainless lugs, etc). Finally, I sand any dirt nibs, buff, and apply a coat of breathable polymer ( wax recommended after 90 days).  What you receive is a frameset ready to be built and ridden. I fixture the frames at the bottom bracket shell, but the faces are painted unless otherwise specified.
 I primarily use
BASF Automotive base coat/clear coat system (either Glasurit, or RM Diamont) throughout the entire process, and feel that this ensures longevity, compatibility, and durability. Not only are they one of the leading OEM paint suppliers, but I've had a long relationship with their products and have been very happy with the support and training they've provided over the years. I mix my own basecoat colors in house, and can cross reference most color codes from other brands. 

Please contact me with any questions

WORK HISTORY: I am a certified Autobody and Paint Technician with over 17 years experience, and began my career at a restoration shop specializing in Ford Mustangs. Since then, I have worked at a variety of crash shops, and was most recently the head painter/manager of an automotive accessories supplier. This background has given me an eye for detail and experience painting a variety of substrates .

BICYCLES: The same appreciation I had for vintage cars led me to collect other old junk as well. My interest in balloon tire bikes soon resulted in a crammed attic, and I began to restore some of them. I also did some low rider customizations for neighborhood kids. was fun metal fabrication!
   I then began riding more, and, in 2003, began commuting by bike. I met Jon Kendziera of 
Jonnycycles in 2004. He had just started building custom frames in nearby Madison and was looking for a painter. This worked out well because I really enjoyed painting bicycles, and thought it would be a good opportunity to perhaps get a nice frame for myself. The frame he built for me won "Best Track Bike" at the NAHBS in 2006. 
    I also started doing  paintwork for a few other local frame builders and fellow cyclists , but was still working full time.
    2006 was also the year that I took the Lugged Frame Building course at United Bicycle Institute in Oregon and built a frame for a friend. My thinking was that it would not only be helpful to me as a painter to experience things from a builder's standpoint, but also a fun way to spend  vacation!

In 2007,  I set up my own bicycle specific paint shop.  At this time, Dave Wages was just launching  Ellis Cycles, and I started doing his paintwork.  I don't have one of his frames yet, but am proud to have painted three award winning frames for him:  "Best Lugged Bike"  at NAHBS  2009,  "Best of Show" in 2010, and  " Best Lugged Road Frame" in 2011. In August of 2010 I quit my day job in order to focus my efforts on the Sanchez Paintshop. I have since been able to decrease my turn-around time, which is currently 3 to 4 weeks.